All Duracell packs         £2:80
All packs @ 99p
We use mostly Renata (Swiss) or Sony (Japanese) batteries for watches but also sell  CR2 and CR123 for Cameras. We have a wide range of batteries including PP3, PP9, Lantern, LR1 (for small clocks) and A23 for Doors, alarms, bells and Car key fobs. Other Car key batteries are 2016, 2025 and 2032 also 1616,1620, 1216 and 1220. The first 2 numbers are the diameter in mm
Hereford 356295 or mobile 077 3041 2862
Duracell 8 Pk   £4:50
Fast charger for     most Sizes        £12:95
Charges AAA ..AA..SP11..U2..PP3 £8:95
Pana Rec 2100 ma
Lloytron 2600 ma
04H NMH BT type   650ma     £5:99